Bowline Co. is a Maine based company that creates one-of-a-kind, HANDCRAFTED DRY GOODS inspired by the four diverse and distinctly beautiful New England seasons.

Now owned and operated by Meg and Kellie Patti (daughter/mom duo) and originally founded by Laura and LK Weiss in 2014, Bowline Co. designs unisex products appealing to a diverse array of styles ranging from rustic cabin to coastal chic. Our signature product is our bow tie collection. Our unique ties aren’t simply for formal wear and special events, they lend a touch of personal flavor to everyday outfits. Quite simply, they are bow ties for everyone, every day. Read more about the process and philosophy below.



Handmade in Maine, USA

+ Each tie is made by us, here in Maine from start to finish.
+ Our creative process is focused and deliberate, ensuring each Bowline Co. bow tie is of the highest quality while preserving the unique variances found in a collection of handmade accessories.
+ Made with an antique sewing machine and iron, we trust these tools to give Bowline Co. ties a personality that sets them apart.
+ We take “local” seriously, as our business depends on other local businesses for sourcing materials.
+ Our vision of keeping things local sends us scouting for materials in the woods to the coast and all across Maine, inspiring our designs.
+ Of course, each tie is named after favorite Maine inspirations: mountains, rivers, wharves, streets, lakes, ponds, towns, counties and characters.



Unisex­­—Not just for Suits

Bow ties are for everyone, every day. From gallery crawling to chopping wood, a bow tie can transform any outfit, and as such, we think bow ties belong everywhere. We take great care to select fabrics that pair perfectly with all kinds of attire, as we know feeling confident in your clothes makes a difference. We make ties for dogs, ties for kids, and ties for all the adults they take care of. A bow tie brings a splash of fun to any outfit, and we think age and gender should be left out of the equation.




Look familiar? We believe beautiful fabrics deserve a second chance. Many of our flannel ties started as L.L.Bean flannel pajamas or authentic hunting vests before seeing the business end of the scissors. This opens the door for endless opportunities: your favorite beat up J. Crew shirt could become your new favorite bow tie. Just like that.