Journal Entry 002: 11.21.18

Dr. Seuss said “You can’t dribble on bow ties.”  Definitely not the reason we got into the bow tie business, but … excellent point. 

It’s been almost five months since we took over Bowline Co. and jeepers creepers, we’ve been “right out straight”! For those of you not familiar with Maine sayings let me give you the Urban Dictionary’s take on it.

right out straight: Very busy. This term is used frequently and vigorously by residents of Maine, as observed by comedian Bob Marley, "I've been right out straight tryin' to get the driveway cleahed since the blizzahd hit" (no, those aren’t typos).

So, let’s fill you in on all the excitement! We’ll keep it brief because we know you’re probably right out straight too!

First, we want to let you know that we have been making, making, making! Our inventory is up over 300 ties! We have introduced many new ties and recently added an array of flannels to the website. In addition, we have created a handful of premium bow ties utilizing two complimentary fabrics in each tie. We want everyone to feel included in this Bowline Co. family and we have worked hard to have something for everyone and every day. Wait, weird, that’s our company philosophy!

Second, we are thrilled to tell you we are transitioning to a dry goods brand in order to offer a wider variety of wicked nice products to you. This month, we gave you a peek at the direction we are going with some initial concepts for our hat line and you all loved ‘em! Which of course means we are making, making, making more!

We think you’re going to love this third item- we are currently working on a subscription bow tie option! That’s right, that’s what we said! Just keep an eye out, we are hoping to announce all the details after the first of the year. But, in the meantime, think about how great it would be to receive a fabulous bow tie 4 times a year at a reduced price! 

The final news we’d like to share is where you can find us in the next few weeks. You can of course always purchase directly from the website, however, if you’d like to do some Bowline Co. brick and mortar shopping, catch us at the following locations:

December 9, 11am-6pm, Picnic Holiday Sale at Thompson’s Point, Portland, ME

December 13, 11:30a-1:30p, Timberland’s Winter Market (for Timberland employees only), Stratham, New Hampshire

December 15 & 16, 11am -6pm, American Field at Union Market, Washington, DC

December 23, 10am-3pm, Makers Market, Brick South, Portland, ME 

We truly appreciate all your support and hope to hear from you and/or see you at one of the above venues!

Happy holidays to each of you! And, if you choose to sport a bow tie during the holidays, rest assured you won’t be dribbling on it! When you wear Bowline Co. you’re part of the family. Let us know where your holiday adventures take you, tag us on Instagram @bowline_co!

Stay you.

Kel & Meg