Journal Entry 001: Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves.

From Meg: 

Hi Friends!

My name is Meg and I'm one of the new owners of Bowline Co.. After several months working on a smooth transition, my mom, Kellie, and I finally officially grabbed the baton from the original founders, LK & Laura Weiss. Those two, simply put, are incredible. I've been friends with them for about five years, which means I was around for Bowline's inception four years ago. I got to watch from afar as LK and Laura took their idea and turned it into arguably one of the highest quality tie companies in the country. During this time I filled my closet with as many Bowline Co. ties as I could. What's even more amazing is that these two both had (have) full time jobs in addition to this venture. Well, since you all are so great and supportive, Bowline has grown and needs a little bit more attention than they're available to give it. Great news, right?! Their revelation came at the perfect time for me; I had resigned from my corporate job and was ready to start putting my heart and effort into something that was truly a reflection of "me". I was so honored when they asked if I'd be interested in taking over. Actually, at first, I thought they were kidding. I'm pretty sure my exact response was, "DON'T TEASE ME." Needless to say, they were not kidding. I immediately thought of my mom as a perfect business partner. She's thoughtful, savvy and helps make my pie-in-the-sky ideas a little more realistic. So during the last six months or so, we've been mapping out exactly how to make it happen, learning the ins and outs and establishing a path forward. So here we are! We've been keeping products front and center on social media since we took over but wanted to formally introduce ourselves! Prior to this, I spent ten years in retail sales and leadership development for a top 20 Fortune 500 company. Ever since I was a little kid I have dreamed of being a business owner where I could apply my creativity and my passion for doing life a little against the grain. I love to laugh (especially at my own jokes; it drives my wife, Anna, crazy). I have always found inspiration in making the people around me feel good about themselves and in challenging them to be the best versions of themselves through genuine connections and deep rooted relationships. I’ve got two dogs, Fritz and Kenzi, who, aside from wearing bow ties, also enjoy long naps, sticking their heads out of moving vehicles and protecting me from squirrels. I love being of use to those around me and being a part of purposeful work. I am utterly thrilled to now be an owner at Bowline Co. and to keep the incredible vision of the company alive. Can't wait to help you keep your neckwear fresh!       - Meg


From Kel: 

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kellie and in case there is any confusion, I am Meg’s Mom! And, now her business partner! Owning a business is exciting but also quite scary and knowing that Meg is right there beside me makes it even more exciting and sooooo much less scary. I began my career in the retail arena, spending several years managing a specialty shop. In a sense, becoming a Bowline Company owner brings my career full circle. The years in between were spent raising Meg and her equally amazing brother Nicholas and working in the non-profit sector where I managed large volunteer corps in the healthcare and hospice realm. In my volunteer management roles, I had the good fortune to work with remarkable individuals who gave their time, heart and service to others. I learned so much from each of them.  Working in hospice has probably been the most meaningful work I have been a part of. Working with individuals and families at end- of- life has been an honor and a privilege.  When I’m not working, you can find me hiking, kayaking and skiing with my husband Kurt, our family and friends.  I love to be outdoors and to be adventurous. When I need to take a minute and re-group, walking on the beach at low tide is where you will find me. It is one of my favorite things to do- it’s good for my soul! I also have a creative side that is being nurtured through working with Meg on all things Bowline! My years in Management have provided me with business and process improvement experience which I find serve me well as a company owner.  Combining the two is awesome! The underlying motivation for me is pretty simple, I want to do meaningful work and make others feel good! If wearing one of our ties makes you feel good, I’m pretty happy about that!         -Kel


Kellie (left) and Meg (right), the mother/daughter duo now at the helm of Bowline Co.

Kellie (left) and Meg (right), the mother/daughter duo now at the helm of Bowline Co.