The bowline knot, often referred to as “king of the knots”, is known as one of the

most versatile knots in the world. This knot is used in boating, camping, climbing,

in rescue situations and now, by us, metaphorically. Enamored by the idea of “tying”

the past to the present through the stories of people all over the world, we have been

building an archive that we want to share with you. With every purchase we include a

story, told by someone out there in this special Bowline Co. family, about someone or

something that is meaningful to them. You’ll also notice vintage undertones and/or

details on all of our products. We are seeking to be the antithesis to the notion that

“they just don’t make ‘em like they used to”. We hope you’ll consider submitting a

story of your own and/or connecting with the author of the stories you receive.